Pregnancy Fetishism: Confessions of a Maiesiophilliac.

January 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

“For me, it’s an animal urge thing, she’s a fertile woman.”

So, you think you’re not sexy? Well, think again. Not only can pregnancy be sexy, it has a fetish all its own. It’s called maiesiophilia – or maieusophoria, or, more simply, pregnancy fetishism – and that man ogling you in the produce aisle may just be a real life maiesiophilliac.

Trust me, you needn’t be walking past a construction zone in an ass hugging pencil skirt and Jimmy Choos to get ogled by one of these guys. Hell, you don’t even have to take your curlers out. Just slip  into your favorite pair of extra stretch panel maternity jeans, maybe pair it with the new petal pink Bella Band you recently bought or your always fashionable daisychain metro and – Whoa Mama! – you’re a sight to behold for any maiesiophilliac worthy of the name.

I know, I know. You’re sitting there with your swollen calves and your muffin top. You don’t recognize your own smell anymore. You’re obsessed with stretch marks. You may be playing the pregnant version of navel gazing by tracing with your finger along the tiny trail of fuzz that runs from your belly button down south while counting the months, the days until you’ll have your body back. Sure, you’re probably finding it hard to believe that anyone would find you sexy right now and you probably think I’m making this maiesiophilia thing up but it’s true, I swear!

A maiesiophilliac is someone who finds pregnancy erotic, someone who is sexually attracted to women who are pregnant or even appear pregnant. There is a wide variety of preferences to be found among maiesiophilliacs. Nudity or sexual activity is not essential in many cases and, for some, actual pregnancy is not even necessary to invoke arousal. An enlarged abdomen or a protruding navel may be enough to spark an interest. Maiesiophilliac fantasies may be about impregnation or giving birth, around lactation, or may centre on the belly leading to the pubic area. Without knowing him personally, it’s really hard to know what form a maiesiophilliac’s fetish will take.

So, what is it about preggos that really wind these guys up? Fascinated by the topic, I stumbled into a couple of chat rooms to see what I could see and – Wow! The walls sure can talk! Here are some samples of what I found. Candid confessions from maiesiophilliacs:

“I love pregnant women, there is something about them. They are just so ripe with sexuality, from their large breasts to their plump belly, to their luminous glow and raging hormones, everything about them is a reminder that these women enjoy sex.”

“Pregnant women nude is nature at its best and is just beautiful…..”

“I had the strange desire or craving to be a woman so I could get pregnant. I want to get pregnant, it kills me that I’m a guy and will never be able to experience this. When I was 18, in my room, I would put on my sister’s oversized top along with my ‘belly’ stuffed with a hard pillow and fake boobs supported by a bra, to emulate the pregnancy experience.”

“Their warm motherly image is so adorable”

Maybe you’re thinking, “Ew, what a sicko!” or “Gross! Total perverts!”  or “Hmmm, interesting.” I was both amused and intrigued at what these belly lovin, navel adoring, lactating, child bearing wannabes were saying and, on some level, found their seeming appreciation for the beauty and, yes, even the eroticism of the pregnant female form, somehow touching. Whatever you may be thinking, now at least you know something about maiesiophilliacs that maybe you didn’t before and even knowing that they exist has to be some comfort on those days when you’re feeling particularly unsexy.

And hey! Don’t you feel better now about your protruding navel?



§ 3 Responses to Pregnancy Fetishism: Confessions of a Maiesiophilliac.

  • Andrew says:

    Very true on the topic about knowing the guys personally. Yes, for most girls, it is kinda creepy and extremely weird for a guy to like a pregnant woman; and for that matter, this is coming from a guy’s perspective. Reason why I say this is because I know a few girls that I don’t share my “certain interest” because I know how they are going to react. I wouldn’t even dare start a conversation about pregnancy with them because the topic is sensitive coming from both sides.

    With most other women I’ve encountered, some of them enjoy the sight of pregnancy and actually wish to get pregnant themselves. Those women who can freely talk about pregnancy are the ones I personally like to strike up a conversation with, and a healthy conversation at best. What I mean by a “healthy conversation” is talking to the woman on different topics regarding pregnancy: health issues, exercise, healthy eating during pregnancy, etc.

    And for the record, if you do talk to a pregnant woman out there (a co-worker, friend, sister or sister-in-law), don’t make the girl feel any weirder than she already feels.

    I’ll admit that I find pregnant women very attractive, but not exactly with nude, birth, or anything out of the ordinary. Just the sight of a swollen stomach on a woman is enough, regardless if it’s bare belly or covered by a shirt. And to be honest, I felt very self-conscious about having this feeling when I was young because I was afraid people would think of me as a freak, and for that matter never interact with me again.

    Most people would think that Deepest Darkest Secrets (DDS) are the ones about what girls the boys like. In my case, my DDS is my maiesiophilia. When a couple of my friends found out about it, I almost couldn’t talk to them anymore.

    I want to let the women know about this too. If a guy compliments you about your pregnancy, simply say “Thank you. I appreciate that” and continue on with life. Don’t bash the guy about being a maiesiophilliac. That will only make the guy feel worse, and giving anyone a negative vibe leads to mental depression. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

    I wanted to express my life experience and share with others, guys and girls who are maiesiophilliacs, that we are not alone and we are not the only ones who feel this way. Simply be yourself and respect those around you.

    • Jandi says:

      Andrew, I hope you get married.

      I’m sure your wife will feel really loved and beautiful when you two start expecting your children. I am most positive she will appreciate your pregnancy fetishism.

      Best wishes,


  • bonnie mayo says:

    My comment is that, aside from learning something I didn’t know before, I would like to read the comments that other people make to this one! Nice research Anna!

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