Getting Into Position. Sex While You’re Pregnant.

January 13, 2011 § 2 Comments

Your doctor has given you the green light and sex while your pregnant is a-ok. So, let’s get into position, shall we?
It’s the ride on the pleasure train that got you here, right? Well just because you are bigger and rounder doesn’t mean you need to derail for the next nine months, no way. Ladies…all aboard!
There are many positions that can work and feel great for you and your partner while you are pregnant and although you may not be wrapping your legs behind your head or swinging from the chandelier any time soon you can still get it on and maybe even enhance the bedroom fun!

Spooning Sex

This position is great as it avoids any pressure on your belly . With your man behind and you in front, you both have full access to reach in front and stimulate you into orgasm.

Doggy Style

This position can also feel great as there is no pressure being put on your belly. Your partner can enter you from behind and reach around to stimulate you at the same time. This can also be the perfect position for getting to your g spot! Near the end of your pregnancy this may not work as well as you may feel your abdomen pulling down and forward. If it becomes uncomfortable, listen to your body and change it up!

You On Top

With you up top, you are in total control and there is plenty of room for your belly. You control the angle, the penetration, the pace and you ALL know this is the best position for stimulating exactly what needs stimulating, where and when it needs it!

These positions are just to mention a few. Try new things with your sweetheart, likely the experimenting and adventure will bring you closer together! As long as you both are comfortable and safe, the sky’s the limit! Ladies, enjoy the ride! Pun indented.


§ 2 Responses to Getting Into Position. Sex While You’re Pregnant.

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